Rachel Perez

2011 Recipient

Before Rachel enrolled in L’Art du Gâteau in August 2011, she was a veterinary technician who didn’t feel fulfilled by her job.  Feeling stuck without another career option, Perez began to think about what made her happiest.  “I loved making cakes and baked a lot on my own but it wasn’t near enough experience to get a job,” Rachel explained. “That’s why I decided to go to school to learn the things I couldn’t learn on my own.”


With the help of her scholarship from For the Love of Chocolate, she was able to discover the world of cake decoration and was surprised by how much skill and technique there was to acquire to make beautiful and delicious cakes.  Perez formed lasting relationships with her master cake artist chef instructors and fellow classmates who will form a large part of her professional network as she enters the profession.


Upon graduation, Perez was intent on gaining more experience as a cake decorator and plans to work in bakeries in Chicago.  Her goal is to pass on a love of all things sweet and baked to future generations.