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For the Love of Chocolate Scholarship Foundation


Scholarship Recipients

2011 Scholarship Recipients      • Shayla Daniels
• Aaron Manuyag
• Carla Lorenzetti

2010 Scholarship Recipients
• Sandy Bierlein
• Kaitlin Bolt
• Alison Chronis
• Stephanie Evans
• Heidi Greco
Jacqueline Mata
Violet Orellana
Chelsey Torres
Angela Wascher
Elizabeth Wild

2009 Scholarship Recipients
• Nicole Mulroney
• Pauline Mannion
Laura Knapp
Sophia Evanoff
• Heather Rousseau
• Gratiela Anghel
• Agnieszka Klepacki

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Scholarship Recipients


For the Love of Chocolate Foundation awards scholarships to students in the full-time programs taught by The French Pastry School at City Colleges of Chicago, promoting commitment in pastry arts education for individuals looking to change careers, as well as individuals who have shown potential in the culinary field but have no formal pastry education.

2009 Scholarship Recipient Highlight:

Agnieszka Klepacki
Recipient of the 2009 scholarship sponsored by Office Concept/Coalesse

Agnes completed an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts at a college in the Chicagoland area before enrolling in L’Art de la Pâtisserie in January, 2009 at The French Pastry School of Kennedy-King College. She was most interested in the baking portion of her Associate’s program and wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the science and technology behind it. She developed a great appreciation for the art of baking artisan breads at The French Pastry School.

Originally from Poland, Agnes has lived in Chicago for 15 years. Before pursuing the culinary path, she worked as a loan officer for a mortgage company for eight years, during which time she often baked in her free time for family and friends, until she decided it was time to change careers and do what she truly loves.

“We get so much information, and everything is explained. The Chefs are so well prepared. Everybody cares about you.”

She learned a tremendous amount in the 24-week program, “the professional way of doing things, ways you don’t see anywhere else. You ask questions, and the chefs always have the answer.” She believes her understanding of the fundamentals will enable her to move forward in the industry. She also became “very picky” wanting to eat only the best food, having gained an appreciation of the importance of high quality ingredients.

“Every day [was] fun” for Agnes, but she also valued the intensity of the education. “We get so much information, and everything is explained. The Chefs are so well prepared. Everybody cares about you.” A friend in the industry told Agnes that she was very lucky to be at The French Pastry School, and she agreed, “I know. I’m in love with this school!”

Having found her strongest affinity with bread, Agnes has since opened her own bakery, La Blondina Bakery Café in Wood Dale, Illinois. La Blondina will soon have more information on the website,




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